Alessio Roberti is a:

  • NLP Master Trainer (Society of NLP™)
  • NLP Coaching Master Trainer (Society of NLP™)
  • International Director of Business Coaching (Society of NLP™)
  • Bestselling author with Dr. Richard Bandler (NLP co-creator) and Owen Fitzpatrick of the books How to Take Charge of Your Life and The Ultimate Introduction to Nlp: How To Build A Successful Life.
  • Professor of Linguistic Intelligence in the “Master in Five Stars Hotel Management” organized by the Hotel Business School of Forte Village and LUISS University of Rome (Italy)
  • Professor of “Effective Communication and Digital Media” at Mercatorum University (Rome – Italy)
  • Co-trainer of the amazing NLP COACHING Trainer™ course every year in USA

He is the founder and CEO of:

  • Italian training company Unicomunicazione
  • Italian publishing company
    (both specialized in Nlp, Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Social Media, Copywriting, Storytelling…)

Alessio is a Doctor in Psychology and has a Master’s degree in Sociology.